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5 Reasons to Consider Getting Same-Day Crowns

October 13, 2023

Most restorative dental treatments take days, if not weeks, to complete. Traditional dental crowns, for instance, require two sessions, typically weeks apart. The first session involves taking impressions, while the second involves placing the dental crown on your teeth. That’s two to three weeks gone, plus a few days for the crowns to settle in.

But what if we told you you could get dental crowns in a single appointment within the same day? That’s right, with same-day crowns, patients can get custom dental crowns fixed on their teeth and ready for action in a single sitting. If you don’t believe us, today’s post briefly explains same-day crowns and highlights why you should get them.

1. They Fit Perfectly

Same-day crowns utilize computer-aided design (CAD) technology to ensure a perfect fit on the teeth. The dentists use digital scanners to capture the affected teeth to their exact specifications, allowing them to create crowns that fit perfectly and are accurate down to the millimeter. This perfect fit ensures the dental crowns last a lifetime and eliminates follow-up visits to the dentist for adjustments or re-fitting.

2. They’re Super Convenient

Most people work busy schedules and rarely have time to visit the dentist, let alone do so multiple times. With same-day crowns, patients can get the crowns installed on their teeth in as little as an hour. That way, they can get their teeth restored and still meet tight deadlines at work. It’s also convenient for people who travel long distances to get dental services to save a buck. They can get their dental crowns and get back home in good time.

3. Immediate Results

Having chipped or fractured teeth can be unbearable, especially if you have a presentation or social event coming soon. Same-day crowns offer immediate results, so you can ace the presentation and thrive in social situations, even if they’re only a few hours away. The dentists can install your crown within minutes, and no one will notice you have a crown or have a fractured tooth.

4. No Need for Temporary Crowns

Getting traditional crowns means getting temporary acrylic crowns while you wait for the new ones. The issue with temporary crowns is that they look unnatural and awkward on the teeth. It’s no wonder some people prefer not to have them on their teeth completely. Same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns and the social awkwardness that comes with them.

5. Preserves the Natural Teeth

Removing the decayed portions of the tooth to create room for the crowns is an integral part of getting traditional crowns. Same-day crowns don’t require as much removal of the decayed portions since dentists scan your teeth using 3D technology to create crowns that accurately fit the teeth without filing or drilling the enamel.

Your Same-Day Crowns Await!

Same-day crowns are a marvel of modern technology that you should take advantage of. The days of waiting weeks for your dental crowns are gone. Same-day crowns allow you to restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth in no more than an hour. If you’re tired of the limitations of having damaged teeth but don’t have time to get traditional crowns, then same-day crowns are just what the dentist ordered.

Contact Flossy Dental Group today, and we’ll schedule an appointment for your same-day dental crowns. You deserve a beautiful smile!

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